December 7: Debt, Democracy, and the Public University

Please join us on December 7th for a panel discussion and open forum on student debt, democracy, and the future of the public university. The event is being held in the Maude Fife room, Wheeler Hall 315, from 4 to 6pm. Featured speakers include: Lyn Hejinian, Robert Meister, Christopher Newfield, Rei Terada This collaborative event is being hosted by these three UC journals to celebrate the release of new issues addressing various social, political, and institutional aspects of the current educational crises. The brief panel talks will serve as prompts for a broader, open discussion surrounding education and its relationship to the socio-political movements we are witnessing presently across many cities and campuses.

This is going to be a joint event held by the campus journals, Representations, Qui Parle, and Reclamations. The event will include a panel of scholars and a period of open discussion. Members of the English department serve on the editorial boards of each journal.

Forum on Crisis of Public Education – Representations + Qui Parle + Reclamations

Colloquium | December 7 | 4-7 p.m. | 315 Wheeler Hall

Department of English, 510-643-9084