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On Translating Rilke

Joseph Cadora has published a translation of Rilke that he undertook in a poetry translation course with Robert Hass. What follows is a note on the translation from Professor Hass along with a reflection on the experience from Cadora.

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Introducing Insight at Berkeley

nsight at Berkeley is a bi-semesterly e-publication focused on success stories. The Insight team seeks out Cal alumni with all different backgrounds, majors, and careers. We sit down with these professionals and discuss how to get the best out of schooling, internship opportunities, extracurriculars, and ultimately potential career options.

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2014 Graduate Student Notes

Each year in the “Faculty Notes” section of the department newsletter, we list the most recent faculty accomplishments. In the same spirit of recognition and congratulation, listed below are only some of the many accomplishments of our graduate students from this past year. They include prizes, fellowships, academic and literary publications and prizes, conferences organized, and conference papers presented.

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Introducing Ordinaire

Bradford Taylor, a graduate student in the department, recently opened a wine shop and bar in Oakland called Ordinaire. To celebrate the occasion, we asked him to write a piece for us about his interest in wine and the experience of opening the shop.

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