Chrystia Cabral

muffle you. amplify you. wash you
Savoring your memory in the shower

I hold your dancing traces between two palms like steam


your voice clinging here in the top corner of the shower

where the daddy long leg is clutching

tight for his life

skinny clenching shivering limbs

he keeps silent           but his spiraling terror of the shiny shower drain below

is shrieking in an undetectable pitch


I am currently living in the shower.

A shower in between degrees of grief.

A shower that can muffle and amplify

A shower revolving around the sun.

I am showering my brain. I am brainwashing. I will wash until I drown.

I will shower until I drown your voice to a quieter degree

I will shower until I sewer into ocean body


Me, the spider, and your echoing song

the shower drain at my feet

the grated gateway to a senseless sea

of indefinite and unknowable depth

not ready to leave you

and your song

not ready

this forced witnessing

of your flesh transmuting into memory

you are dancing on top my tangled web

of time and choices to be made outside of the shower


your echo flaking around me reminding all good things will one day end

but all ends really being exchanges

that time will even out